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LAB Audio Technology created LAB Audio Cables to satisfy the many requests of passionates, pros and musicians that appreciated the quality and passion we put on each of our products.


Quality is the word that summarize the way we work. Each of our products is handmade, we verify each detail and we chose only the best available components. No compromise on quality!


Our customers (musicians, passionate audiophiles or technicians working in recording studios) require only exclusive products and absolute quality. Audio Instruments for music lovers…

Professional Audio Cables


The cables of the Signature series are made without compromises. Perfect and reliable companions for lives and studio recording sessions, they are thought, designed and made to make the best possible cable for music instruments. Sound quality, flexibility and strenght: this is what pros demand.

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Conductors, insulators, dielectrics, weldings and construction geometries contribute together to achieve that specific sound that cables can give to the transmission of sound. There is no magic, only research, experience and passion.
High End Audio Cables


The Rossini series cables can give back detail and dynamics, rebuilding the soundscape, improving the scenic perception of the reproduced musical event. The Rossini series is made without compromises and exclusively on demand, still remaining a “Best Buy” in the category of the High End cables.

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The Quality Audio Cable

01The choice of materials:

The materials chosen for the making of our cables are the best available on the market. The alloys used for the weldings, for instance, are selected exactly for their absolute quality and are composed by tin, silver, copper, cobalt and germanium. Different types of conductors are used, OFC copper, copper and silver, UP OCC copper. A selection of materials without compromises.

02The Making of a Cable:

At LAB Audio Technology cables are totally handmade.
Each stage requires continuous controls, from the insertion of insulations to verify its flexibility, to the Teflon® sleeve of the weldings. Everything is designed to improve every aspect of the production and achieve the best possible product.

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