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Professional Audio Cables

Audio Cables for Musical Instruments

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The SIGNATURE series has been designed without compromise and is assembled by hand, to accompany professionals and musicians to the top in their live and studio performances.

  • Neutrik Straight | Neutrik Straight
  • Neutrik 90° | Neutrik Straight
  • Neutrik 90° | Neutrik 90°
  • Neutrik 90° | Straight
  • Patch
  • Silent Straight | Neutrik Straight
  • Silent Straight | Neutrik 90°
  • Silent 90° | Neutrik Straight
  • Silent 90° | Neutrik 90°
  • XLR Balanced


The PRO LINE series, using the same conductors as the SIGNATURE series, guarantees superior performance compared to the average of professional cables on the market
  • Neutrik Straight
  • Neutrik Straight and Right Angle
  • XLR Balanced
  • Patch Cables

Discover Proline series,
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Proline Instrument Audio Cable
Neutrik Plug Straight and Right Angle Coming Soon…